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Sixth Ranger Battalion

If you are interested in joining the 6th RB, click this link for details


To All Potential Rangers:

The 6th RB appreciates your desire to join our ranks. Prior to submitting an enlistment application there are some things that you must be aware of. Realism is the basis of the 6th Ranger Battalion. “Realism” is a game mode for Day of Defeat:Source designed to create a more realistic atmosphere than the typical FPS multiplayer style of game play. Unlike pub play, it provides participants organized skirmishes, centered around a team oriented approach, as players attempt to defeat the other team in a best 3 out of 5 match format.


The 6th Ranger Battalion is looking for enlistees who desire a realistic and authentic team based experience. As the 6th RB is first and foremost a realism unit, we request all 6th RB company members commit to participate in one Realism event per month and one Official Realism per quarter. Realism events consist of Official Realism (e.g. 6th RB v. 3te PGD), Casual Realism (e.g. Realism Night w/ the 1st MRB), and Open Realism (e.g. Open to all).


If realism is not something you wish to participate in, please DO NOT enlist in this unit. The 6th / SAC community provides opportunities for players who wish to participate in both a pub style of play, as well as a realism style of play. If pub is your preferred style, we would recommend you apply for membership into SAC.



Re-Enlistments Rank Guidelines:


When a member leaves and then re-enlists he/she will come back based upon his/her previous rank in this structure:


Former members discharged for inactivity, etc.:

For every three months out of the unit there is a loss of one rank.

If, based on previous rank, a former member was away long enough to return as a Recruit. THEY ARE REQUIRED to spend 1 week as a Recruit and must retake BCT.

Private First Class and below will return as Recruits regardless of time away. THEY ARE REQUIRED to spend 1 week as a Recruit and must retake BCT.


Former members who retired or resigned more than 2 years ago:

Officers will return no higher than M/Sgt.

SNCO's will return no higher than Sgt.

NCO's will return no higher than Pvt. (MUST retake BCT).


Command Staff can overrule these guidelines under ANY circumstances.


Any questions should be brought up through the proper channels, please use the Chain of Command by approaching an enlisted rank connection first.



If you agree to these terms, Click Here to start the application process.

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