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  1. Hi Major,


    Could you change my profile to Private instead of recruit?



    Pvt. Brown

  2. Hi,


    Just wanted to let you know I completed my training and also my full name is Jack not Justin.



    1. Happy


      Perfect. Just get in touch with M/Sgt Bates and he will make sure your BCT is done 

    2. J. Brown

      J. Brown

      Hi Sergeant,


      I completed my BCT.

    3. Happy


      OH! Awesome! Now Just get in touch with your CSM first let him know, and leadership will prompt you for your PVT tags. They should reach out too you soon. Remember Chain of command CSM, 2LT, 1LT, Capt., Major, & then your Lt. Colonel 😎


  3. Could you take a look at my application?

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