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    I'm a cereberal person who likes sports, particularly the fantasy versions as well as the live versions. I'm an avid chess and poker player - Texas Hold'em for now - and you will find me at FICS (freechess.org), Chess.com, and in Team League (teamleague.org) a standard time control team tournament format. I'm in IT and I love fixing problems so if you have one that hasn't been solved, please ask me.
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  1. Hey everyone,


    I'm opening this to the 6th RB.  My 2018 didn't end very well, and I'm in a bit of trouble.  I would like to have some members reach out to me here, in Discord, and if you are willing by cell phone.  I'm facing issues that are simple to fix but it has been a rough stretch.  My Mom, the only family I have is in need of attention and either of us have time nor money.  Her home is in need of repair; I'm expecting upwards of 10k easy.  I've spoke to a few people who build homes, and they say it might not be worth it to fix if we are willing to sell.


    My immediate need is to restart a stagnate career in Information Technology.  I'm currently in another support contract, but my desire would be in web development, network administration, project management.  I'm more of a people person than a true technology geek; and there is the conflict.  I really want to me more knowledgeable but my personality is one of Charlie Brown, Tasmainian Devil, and Pig Pen.   I'm not very organized, but if I were to meet that goal, I could do anything I wanted.


    Which bring me to the issue of having a support group.  I don't have anyone I can count on; and nobody can count on me due to my current mindset.   When I come here to play, I'm cussing like a sailor and getting frustrated because I want something to work.   The unit was kind enough to make me a Sgt, but I feel I'm not presenting myself well.  I could use help here.


    I would post this in morale, but It is not limited to my current needs; it is a transformation intervention.   If you wish to help, you can message me.  If admins feel this should be in the morale section, let me know and I'll change it.




    D. Palladino

    1. Crisco SAC

      Crisco SAC

      I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to you man. I am more of a morning person but I can talk with you any time that would be good for you. Msg me here or in discord and I would love to talk with you. "I am my brothers keeper" and that is truly how I feel ask anyone. I am here for you. I have lots of time and would be glad to set a time where I can give you my full attention. You are a valuable member of our brotherhood here. I know life has the uncanny way of throwing us curve balls but I also know that a strong heart will prevail. I will start by putting you in my prayers and devoting that positive energy your way.


      Servant to Our Community,


    2. Crisco SAC

      Crisco SAC

      Add me to your friends list please

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