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  1. My apologizes for being apparently arrogant. Regardless of my ban before hand, I was honestly interested interested in applying for a position and would of- and still would- uphold the integrity of the RB. The last ban should not affect that concerning the circumstances. As for the perma ban, it would be shame that a server that I have been on for years and stays as my fav on DOD: Source would be gone- especially since most people don't play this game anymore. If you change your mind, please contact me.

  2. Nobody beats from afar but vasilli for sure?

  3. change the file name to autoexec.cfg


    you can have multiple (some advanced settings may be illegal for realism matches) if you just change the names (autoexec-> autoexecpub.cfg and autoexecrealism.cfg-> autoexec.cfg).


    I'll do a more advanced write up. I currently disagree with the tech depot write-up


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