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  1. Lemon, I saw your post and looked up Stupid Decisions gameme stats.  No accuracy with assault or mg -- confusing if using hacks.  what is your take?  

    1. lemon SAC

      lemon SAC

      Fluke?  I am not sure.

  2. I have to rest my password every time I try to log on,  Crisco said that you might be able to help ?

    1. lemon SAC

      lemon SAC

      That's odd. I will take a look for ya.

    2. THOR SAC

      THOR SAC

      Some one added SAC to my login  name   Alls good    thanks 

  3. Nobody beats from afar but vasilli for sure?

  4. Hey Fitz,


    I sent you a message on steam regarding April Fools.  Let me know your thoughts :)





  5. I told you not to get this guy he had a shitty past.




    Vac banned 21 days ago in dods on our server.

  6. Dude was priming nades in spawn and it would put him in a ragdoll state.  Running around with an indefinitely primed nade.  That is reason to ban ya?   Vandoor was bitching that it wasn't.

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    2. Devious_Toast


      Don't worry about it, just be mindful that as an admin, especially as a tech, you're held to a higher standard than the general public/members who play on our servers. If you set the bar low, it lets them set it even lower.

    3. lemon SAC

      lemon SAC

      Understood.  Total moment of weakness.  Do you mind if I add you back on Steam just in case I have any questions on the server itself?

    4. Devious_Toast
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