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  1. happy birthday mate have a good one

  2. you have an open invite to SAC. You can be Crevasse SAC lol


  3. Hello Fitz,

    Im writing you to say that I wish youd reconsider the ban, I certainly dont my find my name offense, as Ki*e and Kykee are hardly the same!

    And Im about to change my name anyway, so you will please reconsider? I love playing DoD and keeping it alive, your servers are always fun.


    I think it's clear I meant no harm, which is something the other forum that unbanned me came to realize.


    All I ask is that you think about it. 


    Angela K


    that was the original message. my name was NEVER offensive, someone just thought it was.

    and I made the mistake of thinking ive been playing on your servers recently well I guess I was wrong. If you want to keep a player who loves the game and never meant ANY harm banned from your server thats your call. but its an incorrect call! and hurts the game overall. and LOL at the troll comment. If you cannot tell I am NOT american and englisch is NOT my first language so sorry if I seem like a 'troll". I really wish youd reconsider.


  4. 37 my arse must have been in an incubator for 10 years.haha.

    1. Ferguson 6th RB

      Ferguson 6th RB

      Look here you are the one who helped God name dirt

  5. add lemon to admin list please

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