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  1. Steam client side up dated and no one can get in. Server needs to reboot for server side up date.  it says server is running old version. 


  2. delete another of my bans....

  3. Fuck tactix I see him break another rule I will permaban him


  4. Happy New Year Man!

  5. a player name Chicken with SAC tag, know him ? or have I been missing some new SAC member lately ?

  6. Crisco. When do we know we are chosen or not? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Alex


      Wait wait , What i dont get it. hahaha 

    3. Crisco SAC

      Crisco SAC

      You ARE a SAC member


    4. Alex


      Shit pal , i cant believe  it!

  7. Crisco i saw you replying to my SAC Application. But i cant reply for a week. Tomorrow i will be traveling for a week. 

    1. Crisco SAC

      Crisco SAC

      I won't have any results for at least another week. I will get with the applicants somewhere around the 15th or so as a result of the vote

  8. i tried on 6th also

  9. of course the newsletter is outstanding. man those women from the 40's were hot

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      HaHa... Yes They Were!!

  10. keep kickin ass my brother, your work does NOT go unnoticed Thank you for being you..

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      Thank YOU, Crisco! Appreciate the encouragement!

  11. Happy Birthday man!!!

  12. Happy Birthday!!  Do they sell cop gear at baby gap?


  13. oh my god i thought i was old.... Happy Birthday bro.

    1. FLY SAC

      FLY SAC

      thanks again but i"m not the oldest one

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