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  1. So sorry for you.. All you can do is BAN people who plays on your server, I am not asking to unbann me or sorry or some *hit . hell no. Remember one thing :  Your low IQ wont take you far ,, you will be here whole your life.. I am Sex Pistols Alex and dont forget what i said..maybe it will motivate you ! 

    1. Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      Fitzsimmons 6th RB











      for wasting 1 minute of my time reading this crap bye!

  2. i just want to find out why i was banned


    1. Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      idk source bans says your already unbanned

  3. up to you about the time of meeting if you want to put it back for Peterson 

    1. Ekstrand


      We’ll keep it. Devious can record it if any can’t make it. The Times works for most.

  4. Hey Fitz,


    I sent you a message on steam regarding April Fools.  Let me know your thoughts :)





  5. Hello Lt. Col. R. Fitzsimmons [6th RB my greetings I am martin.ar best Mg20102011 the reason for my annoyance is to help me solve the problem of blocking the server. The reason for the blockade is to kill my comrades when in fact what happened is that they crossed in my line of fire. Simply add the greeting. Thank you. Martin Ortega From buenos aires Argentina.

    P.S; In a short time I will collaborate with the server.

    1. Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      your not banned so you are not blocked from the server

  6. Hey Fitz, I was ban again by Bruke for nothing, I said nothing more then I said last night when you was no, I sent him a message to unban me and this is what he said to me about Cardwell raging on the server....If you buiild it and now what ur doing you can have a good PC but yet still be a shitty player.
    Cardwell teaches Computer science and helped his lerp issue to the server and plays with high sound..... That's my point, he's a Computer teach and knows how to write codes for games, I think that banning me is wrong, Last night even DTA said it a few time about someone hacking..your admin need to give me a break, I love the server and always enjoy play on it, sorry to ask again to unban, these kids now days..they have a lot to learn, I have been around and know bullshit...lol have a great day and again sorry

  7. Hello Fitz,

    Im writing you to say that I wish youd reconsider the ban, I certainly dont my find my name offense, as Ki*e and Kykee are hardly the same!

    And Im about to change my name anyway, so you will please reconsider? I love playing DoD and keeping it alive, your servers are always fun.


    I think it's clear I meant no harm, which is something the other forum that unbanned me came to realize.


    All I ask is that you think about it. 


    Angela K


  8. Happy Birthday you old fuck!!!!!

  9. What's up you blackguard. I hope you're staying away from the shower of savages. =P

  10. Happy birthday Fitzey! *Salute*

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