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Fitzsimmons 6th RB




6th Ranger Battalion Status of Propagated Funds









Three Months Bulk Payment for Servers: -$215.84

Amount Remaining: $624.36 as of Sept. 1 2017


including latest Donations Jan. 1st to Aug. 27th

Next Pay Period Due: Oct. 3rd, 2017

Forums domain registration paid 107.88  2/16/16-3/1/18
     domain renewal 14.99 2/8/17-2/8/18

Notes on where YOUR donations are going and how they're being utilized:

- The three months bulk payment of servers includes Ventrilo.

- Ventrilo 50 slots.

- The servers has 4 GB of memory in order to allow best performance possible.

- GameMe (stats) are still $6 monthly.

- The Forum website has been paid for a year; paid in January of 2017 and due January 2018.


~The 6th Ranger Battalion Command Staff~

Special thanks to: Trto, VanConett, Pachino, J. Nunez, J. S. Nunez, Yakubov, Lyle, Stenton, Nichols, Hanson, and Ekstrand

Edited by Addams 6th RB

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