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If you are interested in joining the SAC, click this link for further details


To All Potential SAC Members:

SAC appreciates you desire to join this community.

Prior to submitting an application there are some things that you must be aware of.

How we recruit is simply this, if someone has played on our server for at least 6 months they can feel free to apply to become a member of SAC. Each application will go directly to a committee forum so that we can check out EVERY applicant. Once applications pass the committee, prospects will be put up for a membership vote the following month.

There will be a link on the forum to the application. The committee will contact applicants who did not make the cut, whether they fail screening or are not voted in. 

To be voted in as a member it will require at least 10 SAC members to vote, with 75% of those members voting yes (e.g. 8 out of 10 is would vote an applicant in). The more member votes, the better it is for the candidate.


[SAC] Member rules:

  1. We will show each other courtesy and respect; meaning we are a community and our mutual respect shows our strength.
  2. We will obey ALL Server rules. Example NO Racism and NO Politics.
  3. Racism goes for forums too NONE. However you can feel free to discuss politics within the SAC forum area or in vent. 
  4. You as a member must set the example for how we would like pubbers, and anyone else connected to the server, to act.
  5. Here in SAC we are looking for members to our community but we are not looking for someone who just wants a spot on the server. Please try to be interested in what goes on in our community i.e. check forums at least once a week but no less than once a month. Try to be in vent if you can. Vent is not a rule but if you really are interested in our community than that's the best way to get to know people. 
  6. Must be 18 or older unless you're  the child of a member

By applying to become a member, you agree to these terms.

Click here to apply

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