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  3. Necris, need admin in server - teamkill - (-3) score


    #   2011 "Pecto"             [U:1:8996055]       13:08       65    0 active

  4. welcome back mate

    1. Campbell 6th RB

      Campbell 6th RB

      Thank you sir. Glad to be back.

  5. Hey DeVriend good to see you back. Hope to catch you in game sometime. 

  6. I have to rest my password every time I try to log on,  Crisco said that you might be able to help ?

    1. lemon SAC

      lemon SAC

      That's odd. I will take a look for ya.

    2. THOR SAC

      THOR SAC

      Some one added SAC to my login  name   Alls good    thanks 

  7. you responded to my post but didn't say if you wanted the key or not


    1. Baha SAC

      Baha SAC

      Sure, I will give it a try, looks fun and my machine will run it so if nobody else wants it I will try it

  8. up to you about the time of meeting if you want to put it back for Peterson 

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      We’ll keep it. Devious can record it if any can’t make it. The Times works for most.


    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      Thank you my friend!!!

  10. of course the newsletter is outstanding. man those women from the 40's were hot

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      HaHa... Yes They Were!!

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