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  3. Goodbye, I'll see them in heaven, god will take care of me.



      Hey you doing okay bud? 

  4. Youhou, I've complete my BCT it was dynamic and really interesting good trainer.Glad I joined this community and be part of the Team! :D 

  5. THIS ACCOUNT WILL GET DELETED. Main Account: Steiner [SAC] (Will get changed to Vexx [SAC]

  6. I lost my oldForum Account ( Steiner [SAC] ) , So this will be my new One! Hello Stranger, long time not seen i guess?

  7. So sorry for you.. All you can do is BAN people who plays on your server, I am not asking to unbann me or sorry or some *hit . hell no. Remember one thing :  Your low IQ wont take you far ,, you will be here whole your life.. I am Sex Pistols Alex and dont forget what i said..maybe it will motivate you ! 

    1. Fitzsimmons 6th RB

      Fitzsimmons 6th RB











      for wasting 1 minute of my time reading this crap bye!

  8. It's been 5 years since i've been banned and still to this day nobody will tell me why i was banned.. fucking ridiculous honestly. 

  9. I send a letter to admin because I get banned without no reason.

    they always pick on me . first they accept all the applications for the clan except my and now this is crazy

    sorry for that.


  10. So I lost my Admin perm for putting up an opinion and saying that I would comply....

  11. Should I start playing again or not ?? 

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