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  4. you responded to my post but didn't say if you wanted the key or not


    1. Baha SAC

      Baha SAC

      Sure, I will give it a try, looks fun and my machine will run it so if nobody else wants it I will try it

  5. up to you about the time of meeting if you want to put it back for Peterson 

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      We’ll keep it. Devious can record it if any can’t make it. The Times works for most.


    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      Thank you my friend!!!

  7. of course the newsletter is outstanding. man those women from the 40's were hot

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      HaHa... Yes They Were!!

  8. Nobody beats from afar but vasilli for sure?

  9. Happy birthday mate have a good one.

  10. Happy Birthday man! The big 5 O!

  11. keep kickin ass my brother, your work does NOT go unnoticed Thank you for being you..

    1. Ekstrand 6th RB

      Ekstrand 6th RB

      Thank YOU, Crisco! Appreciate the encouragement!

  12. Happy Birthday!!  Do they sell cop gear at baby gap?


  13. Happy Birthday you olde bastard

  14. oh my god i thought i was old.... Happy Birthday bro.

    1. FLY SAC

      FLY SAC

      thanks again but i"m not the oldest one

  15. Happy Birthday bro!!

  16. happy birthday mate have a good one

  17. Hey Fitz,


    I sent you a message on steam regarding April Fools.  Let me know your thoughts :)





  18. hey bud tell Fly to get better soon



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