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    Server and Discord Info

    By Fetterolf,





    Fitzsimmons 6th RB
    By Fitzsimmons 6th RB,



                                      6th Ranger Battalion Status of Propagated Funds


    Three Months Bulk Payment for Servers:

    -$155.14  as of 2/4/22


    including latest Donations Oct. 1st to Dec. 25th.

    Next Pay Period Due: Jan. 3rd, 2022

          Sixthrb Forums domain registration paid 131.88  2/1/21-3/1/23
         Sixthrb domain renewal 15.99 2/8/21-2/8/23
    IPBoards renewal 25.00 next June 2022
                             Invision Community 40.00 March. 1 2022                        
    Notes on where YOUR donations are going and how they're being utilized:

    - The servers has 4 GB of memory in order to allow best performance possible.

    - GameMe (stats) are still $6 monthly.

    - The Forum website has been paid for a year; paid in January of 2021 and due January 2022.

    Amount Remaining: $1052.93

    ~The 6th Ranger Battalion Command Staff~

    Special thanks to: Stenton, Mounts, Bourne, SStock, Grand, CStock, Pedersen, Canadian, Rattle, Bolander, Van Lier, Griffin, Ologeanu, Hayes, Paul, and Holsapple...

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